COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures

Continually updated & reviewed 

These procedures are under constant review according to up-to date Government advice and any guidelines and personal views on best practice. Any updates will be posted to the website and social media. 

These procedures have been created and are being used in accordance with Government guidelines and using information from official websites. This includes but not exclusive to:

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Responsibilities & work procedures 

How does AVW work? 

- No contact policy if any member of the household is present & use of face covering/protective equipment if you want us to use

- Use of hand sanitizer before, during and after visiting each household.

- Own equipment used - leads & dog collars and sanitized between walks and a full machine wash at the end of the week, disposable gloves, sanitizer, cloths 

- Each household has their own bag of treats and clean towels per day of service. 

- The work vehicles and Trans-K9 transit box will be sanitized before any travel and in-between other households and a full clean down at the end of the week. 

- Keeping movement and touch within the household to a minimum and to sanitize any areas including door handles upon leaving.


Risk Assessment 

Carried out 25th March 2020 & ongoing 

A full risk assessment has been devised and it outlines the hazards, who might be harmed and what AVW are doing to control the risks and any further action that might be needed to control the risks.

Our risk assessment is as follows:


COVID-19 Risk Assessment AVW 

This risk assessment is based on the template published by the Health and Safety Executive. More information on managing risk can be found at: