Hi, I'm Vicky and I own and run Aunty Vicky's Walkies since September 2016

Hi, I'm Ray and I've been part of the AVW family since 2016 and more actively since 2018 

Aunty Vicky comes with many years life experiences as well as over 20 years work experience within the childcare and adult care industry. She volunteers once a week and helps to socialise puppies from 3weeks to 6weeks who are destined to go to Guide Dogs.

Uncle Ray is also part of the AVW family and he mainly helps out with adhoc clients. Uncle Ray comes with a wealth of knowledge and life experiences with over 35years work experience. 

Aunty grew up with a border collie (from the age of 2 to 16) and various cats and rabbits. As well as spending time at her Great Uncles farm with all the different animals, sheep and pigs still being her favourite. Uncles parents came across from Fiji in the 60's so he had family in Fiji and Canada where he regularly went as a child for his school holidays, the family had dogs, pet pigs and cats in whom he loved playing with and looking after when he was there. Our best friends dog always got excited to see Uncle and Aunty wasn't allowed to sit next to Uncle! Heaven forbid if we did!! 

We have been part of the area for 10years and we finally moved full time to the south coast in 2015. We have not looked back since! Dogs soon became part of our regular day to day lives with the neighbours dogs, hence the name Aunty Vicky and Uncle Ray. It was a lovely way to unwind after the hustle and bustle of town life and to become part of the community with the many lovely walks we have on our doorstep. 


Needless say we haven't got a dog yet but do have many adopted paws that we walk and visit, however watch this space, we might have a new addition to our family very soon! 

We both enjoy being outdoors, be it sunny, rainy or cold, it's just something about being close to nature that is magical.

Dogs are very much family rather than business and each dog we have looked after are treated with the upmost care and devotion.

Please do get in touch with any questions or queries to see if we are the dog walkers for you. We do hope we are as we look forward to welcoming your dog with open arms, lots of cuddles, fuss and fun.  


Aunty Vicky & Uncle Ray  xx

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Hook Lane, Warsash, Hampshire 

07912 431595


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