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Life can be busy so if your looking for your dog to have some fun filled walks or have a puppy, elderly, nervous dog or even a feline friend who needs companionship whilst you are out then here at Aunty Vicky's Walkies we provide a hassle free service where not only your needs are met but your pets needs are too.


Please note:

1. Main area of service is solo walks and where possible we can offer a lunchtime group walk for those dogs who are wanting some doggie company during the day.


2. We work on time slots and location so although we don't give a set time for solo services we will advise on a rough time on your free meet and greet.   AM: 8am to 11am Lunch: 11:30 to 2pm Afternoon: 2:30pm to 5pm


If there is not a service listed below please contact us and we can see what we can do for you. We do not offer home boarding or daycare but can highly recommend council licensed companies. 

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Solo Walks (1)

A 1hr slot is provided for:


A local or travel walk at a variety of local locations, with a towel down after and fuss  


Solo walks are dog dependant on their needs on the day. 


£15 per session


Full time: M-F: £70 per week 

Family Packages

Two options: House Visit OR "Family" Walk for up to 4 dogs from the same household.


House Visit 30min slot:


30mins with a 20min play in the garden or local park - £8 per dog


Solo "family" Walk 1hr slot:


Travel in the van for a 45min walk


Visit with a local walk 

£10 per dog



Travel costs do not apply upto 3miles of SO31 9HH, a resaonable flat rate does apply beyond



Solo Walks (2) 

A 45min slot is provided for:


A local walk from the house, with a towel down after and fuss.


Solo walks are dog dependant on their needs on the day


£12 per session


Full time: M-F: £55 per week



A 30 minute slot for:

Outdoor time, playtime, basic training and short walks upto 9mths.


Please note: From 9mths a choice of group walks or solo walks. 


1 visit: £9 per 30min session 


Open Times

Monday to Friday : 8am to 6pm, core slots for services 10am to 2pm


Saturday: Solo Services: 8am to 1pm (regular clients only)

Closed: Sundays, All Bank Holidays

Group Walk

A full 1hr social walk with doggie friends, often 2 in a group!


We offer spaces to 3 dogs only, sometimes but rarely 4 but never more then 4! 


Please note:

All dogs are carefully matched to suit temperaments and age. If we feel your dog is not suited then dependent on space a solo walk (2) will be offered.


£12 per session


Full time: M-F: £55 per week 


2 Visits -(between 8am to 6pm) AM OR PM slot - 1 feed session & a walk - £25 per session 


4 Visits- (9am-5pm) - full day of care - 2 feed sessions, a walk and a further choice of visit or a walk - £35 per session 


Companionship visits services are tailored to meet your exact needs and include 20min pop ins for feeding and a choice of solo or group walk (dependant on availability). 


A 25% charge on service cost after 6pm β€‹and for weekend services if requiring



House Visits 

These house visits are ideal if you have a rescue or elderly dog who doesn’t want as much fuss but needs some contact time during the day whilst you are out.


These visits can also be used for your cats for cuddles and feeding/ topping up water bowls. 


Upto 20mins House Visit: £8


30min House Visit with a 20min walk offered: £10


Elderly/Disabled Packages


Available on solo walks  outside of core slots


Companionship and a walk for the dog 


Dog walk dependent on dogs needs


£12 per 1hr


£10 per 45mins 

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