Terms & Conditions of Aunty Vicky's Walkies 

For full terms and conditions of Aunty Vicky's Walkies Services please contact us. 

Terms and conditions of initial contact for the use of AVW Services - 


Upon completion of the contact form all pets and owners will receive a free 30 minute meet and greet prior to using Aunty Vicky’s Walkies Services (AVW), these will need to be done at least a week prior to the services starting.  Availability for the meet and greets are Mondays to Thursdays after 4pm.

Please note AVW services works on a time and client location to location schedule (so no set time is given at time of booking only a rough guide). AVW puts each client within the same area together therefore AVW reserves the right to decline service if deemed unable to provide the appropriate care. 


The initial assessment will involve a few forms and getting to know you and your pet. Upon completion a pet care agreement and all relevant documents including terms and conditions of service will be sent electronically. Upon receipt and on the first day of AVW services you are accepting the terms and conditions of service. 

Please note as outlined in the terms and conditions: 

Termination of services; either party can terminate services by written notice of at least two weeks. Upon termination of services, keys will be returned within a week and in person and any personal data held on the client remains the property of AVW as in accordance with the Privacy Policy and is deleted within 5 years. Any payments due will be invoiced and due within 6 days.